Balmoral Badminton Club

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Frequently Asked Questions

"Can I visit the club?"

You are most welcome to come and visit the club on one of our social play days. Our visitor fees are $15 per session and if you then decide to join we will refund up to 3 visitor fees from your membership fee (doesn't apply to 1/2 year or competition only memberships).

"What do I do when I come to a social play day?"

When you arrive, please speak to a committee member on duty. They will take your name, approximate grade and answer any questions you may have.

  • At the Gillies Ave courts they can usually be found behind the table located between the pro-shop and cafe.
  • At the College Rifles courts they will be near the whiteboard upstairs from the courts.

"Do I need to bring anyone to play with?"

As mentioned above we will allocate you to games with our members and visitors so you don't need to bring anyone else. Though if you know someone else interested in the club you are most welcome to bring them as well!

"Can I hire a racquet?"

Unfortunately we are unable to supply racquets. On Sunday morning you can hire these from the Pro Shop however.

"What do I do if I need to leave early?"

If you need to leave before the end of the session, you must let the duty committee member know before your last game. We need to know this in advance so we don't make up a game for you after you have left.

"I want to join the club, what do I do?"

You can either fill in a membership form online, use the 'Join the club' link to access our online form. Or fill in a form at one of our social play days.

"I've joined the club, how do I pay?"

The easiest way to pay for your membership is in cash or by cheque (made out to 'Balmoral Badminton Club') in person at one of our social play days. You can also pay by direct debit, please use the 'Contact Us' page for information on how this works.

Unfortunately we do not have online or EFTPOS payment facilities (yet!).

"What age groups do you have in your club?"

Our junior club caters for children from 5 - 13 years old. The junior club will develop the 14 - 18 year old age bracket in the near future. 19+ year olds are welcome at our senior club.

"Can I hire courts?"

As we do not have any facilities of our own, we cannot hire a court to you directly. You can hire courts from Auckland Badminton Association (ABA), talk to either the ABA office or the Pro Shop in the Gillies Ave hall. If you decide to join the club you can get cheaper court hire rates as a club member.

If you have any questions/queries you think should be added to this page, please let us know via the Contact Us page.